The ‘art of face’ has always captured my imagination as it has captured the imagination of sculptors, painters and photographers.

Sculpting the human form in clay early in my life made me very attentive to detail. Completing medical school and considering all specialty areas where I might make a contribution to medicine and most help my clients, the ‘art of face’ maintained its fascination. My medical specialty is clinical rejuvenation and uncovering natural beauty that exists in every face.

Facial beauty is a combination of complex subdermal structures, texture, tone, colour and shape. __________________________________________

All of us are born beautiful but through environmental elements, stress, pressure to look younger, poor nutrition, lack of sleep or, in some instances, unexpected deformity or premature aging, our faces become weary, tired, or misshapen. 

At All Saints we work to restore and enhance the natural beauty of every face. Many of the techniques and procedures we prescribe are pioneered and perfected by our team. This ‘Art of face’ philosophy is woven into the fabric of the All Saints approach to natural beauty and individuality.