My clients come to me with various concerns and they often refer to photos of themselves to explain their symptoms and their hopes. They seek solutions to make them look good and natural in reality and also through the lens. Proof of success however is often judged through photography.

With that in mind, I have developed a ‘camera ready’ philosophy to my work. ‘Art of face’ begins with the canvas — with the premise of luminous skin. Light, harmony and balance are the pillars of beauty and fundamental to photographing the surface and angles of the face.

A ‘camera ready’ approach begins with inherently luminous skin. Clear, reflective, bright skin creates a luminescence that the camera loves. Balance and harmony strongly influence the ideals of classical beauty — the same remains true today in the realms of modern photography.

The achievement of facial symmetry, smoothing fine lines and boosting volume, all help to create a ‘camera ready’ appearance.