Individually prescribed facial treatments using purified active ingredients combined for optimal skin well-being. See immediate ‘camera ready’ results with the Hyrafacial, an intensely hydrating and stimulating treatment to instantly boost skin luminosity. Speak to your skin team specialist for your personalised treatment.

Individually prescribed facial peels stimulate skin renewal using mild, medium or strong purified active ingredients. Peel strength varies from light peels that enhance skin tone, texture and smoothness to deeper peels designed to address problems including pigmentation, acne scarring, sun and age damage.

Boost skin fitness by stimulating ‘collagenesis’ – the production of collagen in the skin – using Dermapen to ‘needle’ the surface of the skin to stimulate renewal of the skin’s own support structure. This ‘mechanical’ solution offers great results for skin that is sensitive to chemical treatments.

Before and after 2 treatments of Collagen Induction Therapy.

This injectable treatment, performed by a doctor, uses intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid – a natural ingredient that locks in 1000 times its own molecular weight in water – to boost hydration. Skin shows immediate benefit and ongoing improvement over time.