All Saints Skin Clinic’s AcuEnergetics® Practitioner & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher David Flakelar, treats specific and general health issues affecting the physical body, emotional imbalances and states of mind. His Energy Medicine treatments, which consist of Bespoke Healing Treatments, Wellness Balances and Mindfulness Meditation, are also beneficial for ongoing maintenance to help prevent future health issues.


With the Bespoke Healing Treatments, David listens to you and helps you to identify key areas of concern. Together you will prioritise specific health and performance goals. By applying principles of AcuEnergetics®*, Mindfulness Meditation and Life Coaching, David will treat the cause of the problem and find effective ways for you to heal.


A typical session will involve discussions and energetic scanning to identify the extent and energetic cause of the problem. Applying energetic techniques to release and treat the issue restores balance in the energetic system.

Energy to the body is like water to a plant. It needs to be free flowing, healthy and liberated of impurities for the plant to flourish. Similarly, our body needs healthy and free flowing energy to provide strength, function and flexibility to maximise our health and performance. How we think affects how we feel and this is reflected in our body either in health or disease. Managing our mind and emotions is therefore key to promoting and maintaining our health and wellbeing.

A typical Bespoke Healing Treatment session will run for one hour and 15 minutes. You will remain fully clothed and will mostly be treated lying on a massage table.


In addition to individual treatments, David offers AcuEnergetics®* Wellness Balances. This Energy Medicine treatment clears blocked energy channels, reduces stress and tension, increases energy flow, reduces stiffness, strengthens the immune system and brings about a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing. 

David’s most popular Wellness Balance is Kidney Balance. Kidney Balance releases stress in the body, by reducing the adrenalin that influences the stress response in the mind and body. A deep healing and relaxing balance of the kidney is the perfect treatment for the lifestyle of a busy corporate executive, or for anyone needing a deep relaxation to feel calm, at ease and grounded.

There are several other energetic Wellness Balances available. Clients can book all of them for a total cleanse and balance, or individually. Other Wellness Balances include:

  • Energy Liver Cleanse
  • Circulation of the Light
  • Sacral Balance
  • Energy Centre Balance
  • Pelvic Alignment Balance
  • Three Spinal Gates Balance
  • Stomach 4’s Balance


*AcuEnergetics® is a unique and modern healing treatment for illnesses in the body that was developed over 40 years ago by Australian Kevin Niv Farrow. It works with the bio-electrical system in the body, promoting faster, natural healing to ease pain and improve your physical and emotional health. For more information see the official AcuEnergetics® website.

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Call +61 2 9696 5050 or email and book your consultation with David.

*Available Thursdays to Saturdays by appointment only.