Give The Gift Of Beauty

The Gift Of Beauty

The Gift Of Beauty

With the holiday season fast approaching, the age-old question arises: how to choose the perfect gift? Deciding what to get her or him (or yourself) for special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas – can be challenging. And always the hint of doubt lingers: “Will they like it?”

In this day and age, it seems we all have practically everything we want, and it is increasingly difficult to find something unique that people will genuinely love and appreciate. So, what is the answer?

As we come to value experience over material possessions, service-based gift ideas have become a great alternative. Honouring the ones we love with a gift from All Saints Skin Clinic that nurtures the body and spirit is a beautiful way to celebrate the season.

Guided by founder and world-renowned aesthetic physician, Dr Joseph Hkeik, the elite team at All Saints Skin Clinic is always delighted to pamper your loved ones with a truly beautiful experience.

Our following gift certificate treatments are just some of the options for nurturing body and spirit.

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Gift Beauty Treatment At All Saints Skin Clinic VIP Room

Red Carpet Laser Facial: All Saints Bespoke Treatment

Our signature laser facial will have your skin looking radiant and red carpet ready. The ultimate bespoke facial begins with a customised antioxidant peel, followed by a high-performance complexion laser and LED technology. Smooths fine lines and rejuvenates skin whilst increasing dermal collagen production, leaving your skin glowing and plump. No downtime and
immediate benefits.


Waiting Room at All Saints Skin Clinic

Lux Radiance Facial

Exfoliating skin polish followed by an antioxidant peel, skin-boosting facial massage, LED light therapy and hydrating firming mask. Perfect for the gentle removal of fine, superfluous facial hair, leaving the skin smooth, well hydrated and with a radiant glow.


Facial Skin Treatment at Double Bay

Medi Facial & LED Light Therapy

Hydrating Medi Facial is a result-driven medical treatment that utilises prescription strength, and natural active ingredients to both hydrate and exfoliate the skin. Once dead cells are lifted, LED Light Therapy calms and strengthens the skin. This corrective treatment leaves lasting results that slow down the ageing process.


All Saints Skin Clinic Gift Box

Beauty Gift Certificate

Cannot decide what beauty treatment to gift them? You can give them the option to determine what skin concern they wish to treat by presenting them with a beauty gift certificate. We are certain they will experience the right ‘skin health’ treatment as soon as our skin elite therapists uncover their concerns during consultation.

Of Any Value


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