We take the treatment of facial and bodily skin very seriously at All Saints Skin Clinic. We offer our patients a holistic approach to improving the condition of their skin, by turning towards external and internal factors and treatments to resolve skin concerns and issues. Wellness and nutritional factors play a significant role in the state of the human body and skin.

Chiza Westcarr is our Nutritionist and Wellness Coach at All Saints Skin Clinic in Double Bay. A university-qualified nutritionist and skin specialist, Chiza has adopted a unique and holistic approach to wellbeing, with an emphasis on health in the gut region.

Chiza’s primary role is to assist in finding the best solutions for concerned clients suffering from a number of growing health-related conditions which include (but are not restricted to) abdominal bloating and discomfort, lethargy, insomnia, skin-related conditions, stress-related disorders, anxiety, and low vitality.

With a strong background in skin conditioning, Chiza consistently finds that she is able to link internal factors to the state of her patients’ skin. The skin is a barometer of one’s health, and so she truly believes that a vast majority of the skin concerns we suffer from are directly linked to our diet.

Getting the health and state of the gut right has become a focal point of her work, since many of her clients’ issues are resolved once she is able to identify the problem internally. Today’s society is adopting an extremely fast-paced lifestyle where we have become increasingly time-poor and stressed than ever before. When our nutrition is compromised, our health suffers. With our increasingly busy day-to-day activities and the growing demands of work and social engagements, the consumption of fast or convenience foods have become a normal part of our daily eating habits. We no longer have the time to prepare healthy meals with the right ingredients, and depend too heavily on take-away delivery services for our nutritional intake.


Detoxification is a natural metabolic process whereby the environmental and dietary toxins we are exposed to are changed into less harmful substances, and subsequently excreted from the body. This program aims to address dietary and lifestyle factors to reduce the burden placed on the body’s detoxification system, while simultaneously supporting the capacity of the body’s main detox organs.

The Integrated Detox Program is a four-week program focused on helping patients improve their digestive health, liver function and overall health and wellbeing. This program is appropriate for those with general digestive or health imbalances and aids in supporting healthy intestinal microbial balance.

Throughout the program you will be well supported. Following a thorough initial consultation, you will be prescribed appropriate nutritional and herbal formulas along with dietary and lifestyle advice, to support and enhance the detoxification process. Your individual product prescription, tailored specifically to your health needs, along with suitable nutritional advice and a plan will be presented to you and at the end of the four weeks, a follow up appointment will be required to assess your progress.


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